The Best of Friends

Medium tempo dramedy waltz in 3/4 time. Upbeat bouncy and playful. Pizzicato strings, clarinet, piano, percussion, and acoustic drums create a fun, lively cue that builds as it progresses. This could work well in frantic, busy scenes or montages in reality shows and competitions
Full Version ISRC: GX-BK7-24-00296
No Bass
No Drums/Percussion
No Melody
60 Seconds
30 Seconds
Album Details
Track No. 5
BPM: 125
Style: Waltz 3/4 time
  • Pizzicato Strings
  • Pizzicato Bass
  • Piano
  • Percussion
  • Shakers
  • Clarinet
  • blocks
  • Acoustic Drum Kit
  • Staccato Strings
  • Acoustic Kick Drum
  • Crash Cymbal
  • Snare