Current requirements

Below is a list of our current requirements. For more information on how to submit your music, along with helpful tips and tricks, please click here.

If you have an idea for an album, please contact us to let us know!

Classic dramedy
Classic dramedy is a broad term so feel free to send in different ideas. If they don't work as classic, they may fit on another album. Pizzicato strings, marimbas, piano and light percussion often feature in this genre.
Latin Dramedy
We are looking for Dramedy with a Latin feel! Think, Latin rhythms, trumpets, accordions, and congas, alongside the more traditional dramedy instrumentation. Your submissions can be upbeat and sassy, downtempo and sexy or anything in between! Please listen to the reference tracks to get a better idea of what we are looking for.
Minimal/Solo instrument
Solo instrument dramedy or very minimal arrangements, featuring a maximum of 2 instruments. Some light percussion can also be used.
Sneaky, curious, mischievous, crafty and sly. These are some of the feelings we want to evoke. As well as the usual dramedy instruments, clarinets and bassoons can be used to achieve this kind of mood.
Urban or Hip-Hop dramedy is usually upbeat with a hip hop beat underneath. Think Hollywood Housewives and other American reality shows! Pizzicato strings are used a lot in this genre.